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The Suntien Company Held the First Meeting of the Second Session of Directors

On August 16, China Suntien Green Energy Corporation Limited held the first meeting of the second session of directors
Successfully. The meeting was chaired by Chairman Cao Xin; vice chairman Xiao Gang, Ma Guoqing, Zhao Huining, Gao Qingyu, and director Wang Hongjun, Zhao Hui, Qin Haiyan, Ding Jun attended the meeting; the chairman of the board of supervisors Yang Hongchi, and supervisor Qiao Guojie attended the meeting as nonvoting delegates. The directors of the company Wang Xiangjun and Yu Wenyao took part in the meeting by phone access.
The meeting deliberated and passed the " Report on the work of the president in the first half year of 2013", and " The bill of interim results announcement and report by June 30, 2013" etc. As for the completion of the first half year of the company's work, the results have been fully affirmed by the board of directors.
During the meeting some directors and supervisors went to Jianshui County to carry on the inspection to the wind project of Seven Trees, and held talks with deputy director of the National People's Congress in Honghe Prefecture, Jianshui County Party Secretary Li Ye and the main leaders of Jianshui County.


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