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Hebei Natural Gas Company Go All Out to Protect the Supply and Multi-Pronged to Solute "Gas Shortage"

This in-depth implementation of the "gasification Hebei" works around the province with the rapid growth of gas demand,which produced a huge challenge to natural gas and other clean energy. At the same time, due to the relative shortage and single supply channel of upstream natural gas resources, this has resulted in an imbalance of demand and supply of natural gas in the province. Especially after entering the heating period, the demand for natural gas peaked and the contradiction between supply and demand is increasingly prominent. Many cities have appeared the phenomenon of insufficient supply of natural gas, some industrial users discontinued and the gas companies around going into a dilemma. In such situation, Hebei Natural Gas Company, as the largest natural gas supplier of Hebei Province, has been actively fighting for upstream gas supply indicators, coordinating downstream users, via a variety of ways to seek diversification of gas sources, to seek various forms to guarantee gas supply and let the province pass the winter smoothly.

To intensify coordination of upstream gas supply indicators, and increase supply. Currently, our oil and gas supply relies on the PetroChina, which is the province's main supply sources with the market share accounted for nearly 99.8% in Hebei Province. To this end, the company actively communicates and coordinates gas supply indicators with upstream oil and gas source unit, increasing the supply of natural gas resources in Hebei to guarantee the gas demand of downstream users. Up to now, the company by various forms has gradually increased the supply of natural gas resources in the province, to some extent eased the imbalance between supply and demand.

To develop an orderly program of gas and prepare contingency plans. In the situation of air pollution control increasingly grim, the province’s rigid demand of "minus coal increase gas" becomes more vigorous, civilian demand is growing rapidly, and the proportion of consumption is increasing. In such cases, the company in accordance with the "securing people's livelihood, utilities and focus" requirements, appropriately restricts industrial and commercial gas, reasonably arranges gas indicators, clearly plans to ensure gas supply sequence, perfects the program and contingency plans under different supply levels and actively works to explain and reassure downstream customers, satisfying the demand of residents, heating, bus and taxi users.

Purchasing LNG to expand supply channels. In accordance with the working arrangement requirements of the Ontario Energy Board, the company commissioned the PetroChina to purchase imported LNG, increasing the supply of natural gas to ease supply pressure of Hebei Province to protect the province's peak gas supply volume in winter.

Actively involvement in upstream to expand gas supply channels. Caofeidian LNG project was launched into construction in 2010 cooperated with PetroChina and Beijing Enterprises Group. The project with the three parts of the station, unloading docks and gas pipelines, its construction scale is 3.5 million tons / year, designed to supply capacity of 4.8 billion cubic meters / year. The completion of the project will add a new North China reliable source of gas supply to supplement natural gas demand in Beijing, Tianjin, and meet seasonal natural gas peaking demand of Tianjin, Tangshan, Qinhuangdao and other places. By the end of this year, the first-stage project is expected to put into production, and liquefied natural gas from Australia, Qatar and other countries will be introduced to our province.

Up to now, the company has been actively adopting a variety of ways to ease the contradiction between supply and demand in the province, through communication and coordination with the PetroChina and other upstream enterprises to increase supply; preparing contingency supply plan, reasonably allocating gas indicators, and ensuring the supply sequence, in order to protect the province against the winter smoothly.