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Natural Gas Company Held 2013 Second Market Workshop

 With the continuous expansion of the natural gas business area and business scope, in past two years joint venture and cooperation projects continued to increase. In order to adapt to the rapid development, natural gas company recently held a workshop with the basic knowledge of limited liability company organization as the main content, and a total of more than 30 marketing and administrative personnel participated in the activities.

Wang Xueqing the deputy general manager of natural gas company gave a speech for this workshop, and pointed out that the company marketing personnel and existing branch "three meeting" administrative staff should fully and systematically understand the importance of basic legal requirements of the shareholders' meeting, board of directors and board of supervisors in joint venture companys establishment according to law and its legal operation.

The workshop firstly combining the actual situation of the company and each subsidiary company shared the set requirements of shareholders meeting, the board of directors, board of supervisors (referred to as the "three meeting") of a limited liability company, the authority and conference system of the three meetings, and shared the relevant examples of investment, so that the participants had a clear and deep knowledge on the boring legal provisions. Secondly, the workshop explained in detail the branch and subsidiary company items which need to be issued by the board of directors in written resolutions, the approval process of the decision, the required application materials and other relevant circumstances. Finally, the workshop organized the participants to learn and discuss the company management measures of shareholders meeting, board of directors, and board of supervisors, clarified the requirements of natural gas company on management work of "three meeting".     

This workshop is held to make up the weak points of the gas company marketing personnel in the legal knowledge of investment and merger work, normalize and guide the existing and proposed subsidiary "three meeting" management work, and lay a good foundation for the company to establish according to law and legally operate joint venture companies. (feeds: natural gas company)