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Hebei Safe Production Inspection Team to Inspect and Guide the Safety Production and Management of Natural Gas Company

 Recently, the joint inspection group of Hebei Province Safe Production Supervision Corps, Shijiazhuang production safety supervision and law enforcement detachment and experts from intermediary assessment agencies carried out an inspection of the work of production safety of natural gas company.

Natural gas company introduced the situation of production safety inspection and other safety work according to related document requirements, in the light of "Qingdao Sinopec Group 11.22 oil pipeline explosion accident”. The inspection group made a careful inspection, including company safety education and training, safety qualification certificate, the verification test of special equipment and accessories, the management of major hazard sources, safety identifier, protective equipment and emergency management, and made an on-site inspection of process areas.

Inspection unit affirmed the company safety management work, and thought the safety work solid and effective. At the same time, the inspection team also recommended for improvement in the settings of safety warning marks, centralized treatment of pipes sewage, and requested the company to attach great importance to the "Qingdao 11 .22 oil pipeline explosion accident”, fully draw lessons, and carry out self-inspection self-examination and self-reform work in strict accordance with the oil and gas pipeline safety inspection requirements issued by the state and Hebei Province, to guarantee the safe operation of long distance gas pipeline.    (Feed by: natural gas company)