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President Gao Qingyu Met with Shao Jun’an Who Is the Xinjiang Qiemo County Party Committee Member, the Deputy County Mayor

 The afternoon of December 19th, the president Gao Qingyu met with Xinjiang, Qiemo County, county standing committee member, deputy mayor Shao Jun’an, and party secretary Wang Hongjun, vice president Sun Xintian, marketing director Hu Yingchun and related units attended the meeting.

Gao Qingyu expressed sincere welcome to Shao Jun’an’s visit, thanked the Qiemo county government for giving support and help in wind power, solar and other clean energy project development, and introduced in detail the company business development. Gao Qingyu said, in the face of the country and Hebei province attaching great importance to air pollution control, the development of clean energy industry Suntien company had wide space and great historical opportunity. Recently, the company is actively consulting with Xinjiang Bazhou area where Qiemo County is located, and preparing to sign a strategic cooperation agreement. In the future Suntien and Qiemo County will carry out more in-depth and extensive cooperation in the field of wind power , photovoltaic, fuel gas and other clean energy. We hope Qiemo county can continue to give Suntien support. We believe that by virtue of the company’s internationalized management, advanced technology and the accumulation of years of development experience, and rich wind, light, gas resources of Qiemo county, both sides will be able to achieve development and win-win situation.

On the meeting, Shao Jun’an described in detail the Qiemo county resources and investment conditions. He said, the government of Qiemo County always payed attention to improving local traffic and network conditions, actively promoted the construction of industrial parks, and built a platform for enterprises to invest in. Qiemo county has rich oil and gas, clean energy, agriculture, animal husbandry, and mineral resources, is in the critical period of development, and welcomes Suntien to invest.

Qiemo county is located in southern Mongolia Autonomous Prefecture of the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region in Bayinguoleng, and is China second largest county in area. It is the main source of West-East gas transmission project, and is rich in natural gas resources; Qiemo has great potential in green energy development. With the wind direction mostly northeast and east, maximum wind speed exceeding 40 m / s, the average annual sunshine hours reaching 3103.2 hours, Qiemo has advantage in the wind and photovoltaic power.                                                     

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