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Wind Power Business

1. Business review of wind power


(1)   Rapid growth of installed capacity

In 2016, the Group newly increased 702.55 MW of consolidated installed capacity of wind power, and the accumulative consolidated installed capacity was 2,796.15 MW; the newly increased interest in installed capacity was 649.6 MW, and the accumulated interest in installed capacity was 2,571.6MW. The newly increased commercial operation project capacity during the year was 746.5 MW, and the accumulated commercial operation project capacity was 2,395.3 MW.

As at 31 December 2016, the total designed capacity of the projects under construction of the Group was 721 MW.

(2)   Increase in the utilization hours of wind farms

In 2016, the average utilization hours of the Group’s controlled wind farms were 2,195 hours, representing an increase of 308 hours as compared with 2015, 118 hours more than the average utilization hours in Hebei Province, mainly because there was wind source of the wind farms of the Group as compared with 2015, leading to an increase of the utilization hours for the entire year. The Group’s controlled wind farms realized a power generation of 4.585 billion kWh, representing an increase of 45.05% as compared with 2015. The average availability factor of the wind power generation units was 97.88%, representing an increase of 2.63 percentage points as compared with 2015, mainly due to the increase in wind farm capacity of the Group and that in 2015, there were faults in transmission line caused by the wires and iron towers in the wind farms covered with ice under bad weather in the located areas, leading to a decrease in availability factor. In 2016, there was no such hazards and the Group enhanced the maintenance of its wind farms in 2016.

(3)   Speed up the promotion of wind resources reserves

In 2016, the Group acquired 956.5 MW newly approved capacity, and the total approved unstarted project capacity amounted to 2,260.5 MW.

During the reporting period, wind power projects with 649 MW of the Group were listed as national approved plans and the accumulative capacity of the Group’s national approved plans has reached 5,251.8 MW and its wind power projects are located in 11 provinces across China.

During the reporting period, the Group acquired 2,600 MW of new wind power agreed capacity, spreading among 13 regions including Jiangsu, Jiangxi, Shaanxi, Shanxi and Hebei, etc.

(4)   Enhancement of operation and management through science, technology and innovation

During the reporting period, the Group implemented a new “business unit” contracting system in some wind farms, and the operation and maintenance of wind farms was significantly improved. The Group won the first prize three times, the second price twice and the third prize once in North China in the CEC comprehensive evaluation, especially in the most competitive selection in Zhangjiakou region, and continued to rank first in the standard of wind farm production and operation and management indicators.

The Wind Power New Energy Engineering Technology Research Center in Hebei operated by the Group was brought into the provincial platform of construction management sequence. The wind power hydrogen integrated system technology research project was approved by the provincial level project, and the smart cabin cloud platform project was included in the secondary list for selection of the 2017 annual provincial science and technology program, and reported completion of Hebei Province industrial cloud of Industry and Information Technology Department of Hebei Province and industrial large pilot projects.