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Other Clean Energy Business

During the reporting period, the Group put efforts on the development of wind power and natural gas businesses, it also proactively and steadily developed and established other new energy projects.

In 2016, the Group steadily developed more photovoltaic power generation projects. The newly approved capacity of photovoltaic projects amounted to 40 MW and the accumulative approved uncommenced project capacity was 139 MW.

During the reporting period, there were 2 photovoltaic projects in progress, which were the photovoltaic power station proect in Hebei Lulong Shimen and the photovoltaic power station project in Liaoning Zhaoyang Nanshuangmiao, with an aggregate installed capacity of 30 MW and all of them have been connected to the grid. Construction of other photovoltaic projects was orderly progressed.

By the end of 2016, the Group developed photovoltaic power generation projects with accumulated operating capacity of 41 MW.