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Other Clean Energy Business

During the reporting period, the Group put efforts on the development of natural gas and wind power businesses, also proactively and steadily developed and established other new energy projects.

1. Photovoltaic projects

In 2015, the Group proactively developed the photovoltaic power generation projects. The agreed capacity of the new photovoltaic projects amounted to 630 MW, and the accumulated agreed capacity amounted to 3,899 MW; the newly approved capacity of photovoltaic projects amounted to 80 MW and the accumulative approved capacity was 160 MW.

During the reporting period, the project of Hebei Lulong Shimen 20 MW Photovoltaic Power Station connected to the grid and generated 7 MW; the project of Liaoning Zhaoyang Nanshuangmiao 10 MW Photovoltaic Power Station completed the installation of 9 MW photovoltaic modules. By the end of 2015, the Group developed photovoltaic power generation projects with accumulated operating capacity of 31 MW.

2. Hydropower projects

During the year, the Company participated in an equity investment for the construction of Hebei Fengning pumped storage power station, the designed total installed capacity of which amounted to 3,600 MW, which will be developed in two phases with installed capacity of 1,800 MW for pumping and water retention functions such as peak load regulation and valley filling. Phase I is currently under construction and it is expected to complete in 2019. Phase II has obtained approval from the Development and Reform Commission in Hebei in July 2015 and commenced the construction in September 2015.